How we fixed the “Failed to render Wiki Content column” error

This is one of those errors that doesn’t have a lot of history to pull from if you Google/Bing it to find help. I’m putting this one out here to help rectify that in some small way.

We have a site where we built a small custom list and then customized the form in InfoPath. As part of that form, we had a formatting rule that used pattern matching in order to hide a section. This was used to get a form of validation on a People Picker column.

All was going well until we embedded the form in a wiki page using an InfoPath Form web part. Then all hell broke loose. The page (AND the form) started returning this error:

Failed to render “Wiki Content” column because of an error in the “Multiple lines of text” field type control. See details in log. Exception message: Function ‘xdUtil:Match()’ has failed..

The form was easy and fast enough to rebuild when it appeared the first time. But when the form and page broke again later in the day, we knew that something had to be done. Breaking and rebuilding the form every time you want to change it really isn’t very scalable. 🙂

The xdUtil:Match portion of the error seemed to point to some type of issue with pattern matching. We wondered if perhaps the pattern matching rule we had in the form wasn’t playing well in an embedded form scenario. Once we removed that rule from the form and republished it, everything returned to normal and our problem was resolved.

While I still don’t know the details of why that broke the page and for what reason, I’m happy enough to live with “don’t do that ever again” when it comes to this situation… especially since I found a way to get the same formatting rule in place using something other than pattern matching.


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