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InfoPath, “Save A Snapshot”, and PDF print truncation

I ran into an interesting issue today with printing an InfoPath form. A customer reported a problem where her PDF printout was getting truncated off the right side of the page. She was using the File > Info option, and then using the Save As Snapshot to generate the PDF file. The resulting PDF file ran off the side of the page, and there was no InfoPath or Adobe PDF setting that I could find to fix the issue. Strangely, when I had her print directly to an Adobe PDF print driver, it worked fine…


After some brainstorming with the help desk, we discovered the underlying issue. In Windows 7, I’m running my text size at 125% instead of 100%. I was having the same issue as the customer. When I switched back to 100%, the printout was perfect.

So… if you end up with the same issue, I hope this saves you some time searching around InfoPath or Adobe. Just check the text size setting in your operating system.

InfoPath form publishing and the “SOAP message cannot be parsed” error

This error has been killing me of late. I have a SharePoint 2010 list with a form that’s customized in InfoPath. Admittedly, the list is *very* large… as in over 74000 items. I know… it should be smaller, but that’s another discussion for another time.

The form has always taken a bit of time to publish, and the time has increased as the list has grown. Recently, I made a small change to the form, and it would no longer publish. I started getting the following error – “The SOAP message cannot be parsed”:


I tried a number of methods to “fix” the problem, based on various online posts and blog entries. Most of them recommended changing IIS timeout setting, but that wasn’t solving it this time for us.

Then I found this blog entry:

It was this part that was the revelation:


I had one calculated field in the list, and ironically it was one I really wasn’t using. I deleted that field and then republished the form. Not only did it publish, but it did so in about 10 seconds (as opposed to the minutes it used to take).

I would have never thought that a calculated field would have that effect on publishing a form, but there you go.