Adding a workflow to a list item menu

This is one of those tips that was shown to me by Sandra (who will be known and referenced in all subsequent blog entries as SPB – SharePoint Buddy), but I kept forgetting how to do it every time I needed to remember it.  Let’s fix that right now…

When you create a workflow for a list and set the trigger to run it manually, you normally have to click the dropdown next to the list item, then select Workflows, then find the right workflow, then…  you get the idea.

You can take a few steps out of that process by putting the workflow directly on the list item menu… Go into SharePoint Designer (I’m using SPD 2010) and navigate to the list that contains the workflow:

The resulting dialog box will give you the options for what to name the list item menu entry, and what it should bind to:

I go back to the site and try the list item menu again, and voila!

Thank you, SPB…

6 responses to “Adding a workflow to a list item menu

  1. Sharepoint can do workflows? 😉

  2. Incredible, ain’t it? 🙂

  3. I’ll make much use of that someday… When I can actually use SPDesigner in our environment… No dice as of now… We’ve got a 3rd Party workflow tool that can get w/f items into the context menu in most cases.

  4. I know the whole issue of SPD usage in organizations is a pro/con argument. I just wish we had more people that we could use to help others understand that they don’t always need to go the SPD route to edit a page. Makes for some ugly maintenance issues when they start down the wrong path, and bring you into the mix late in the game… at the point you just want to say “your best option is to start over the *right* way.” 😦

  5. How would i add a nice icon beside it?

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