Starting a new blog/Twitter account for sharing SharePoint jobs…

In my life as part of the IBM Notes/Domino community, I run a blog called Lotus Jobs.  This was a “pay it forward” project of mine to share potential job opportunities I’d run across on Google News Alerts, in hopes that people who were out of work could find a new home somewhere.  I worked at Enron at the time of the implosion, so I know what that unemployed feeling is like.  It’s NOT pleasant…  I post whatever I find in a single daily post, and then tweet it on an account called @LotusWatch.  That account follows no one, as it’s more of a broadcast mechanism to reach people who are interested.

I’m taking this concept and starting the same thing on the SharePoint side.  I realize the effort of finding a SharePoint job is far easier right now than finding a Notes job, but still… if it helps someone, it’s worth doing.

The new blog is SharePoint Jobs.  The new Twitter account is @SPJobWatch.  When I make my daily job post on the blog, I’ll tweet it on my personal Twitter account along with the @SPJobWatch account.  I’ll probably also put a link on Google+ just to make things more visible.

If you’re interested, feel free to follow the Twitter account, subscribe to the blog, put the blog on your RSS reader, etc.  I’ve done the Lotus Jobs blog concept for over a year, so it’s an ingrained habit.  Unless I get some major negative feedback over this new effort, I think this should become part of my daily routine.

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