What do you mean I can’t customize my list with InfoPath?

This’ll teach me to not try new things on the spur of the moment… 🙂

I was setting up a new site collection, nothing fancy.  Normally when I do that, I base it off the Team Site template, just because it gives me a few of the lists that users might want.  This time, I decided to go with a Blank template.

I’ll just keep it basic, I thought…

All was fine, custom list created, columns added.  Now time to customize the list forms in InfoPath, and… Where’s my Customize Form ribbon bar button for the list?

I hate things that should be so simple to “fix”, but still take me a long time to figure out.  Turns out that many of the Site Collection Features I take for granted by basing a site off of the Team Site template aren’t there for a Blank template.  After some back-and-forth comparison, I found that I needed to activate the SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection features option.  Once I did that, I got my Customize Form icon back, and I can carry on.

I’ll note that here so when I forget about it in three months and hit it again (because I don’t learn), I’ll vaguely remember… “Hey, didn’t I solve this once a while back?”


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