Moving A Wiki From One Site Collection To Another…

I got a request today from a customer asking if I could move a wiki library from one site collection to another.  I went to the library properties, thinking I could copy the library as a template with content.  Nope… no such option there.

I then created a new wiki library in the target site and copied over the .aspx files from the source to the destination library using SharePoint Designer.  That put all the .aspx files out there, but none of the content showed up on the pages.  Bummer…

Finally, I stumbled onto using SharePoint Designer to copy the wiki library as a template.  I selected the wiki library from the left side navigator, clicked on Library Settings on the Page tab, and then clicked on Save As Template on the List Settings tab.  I created the template with content, copied the template to the new site, and then created a new wiki library using the template.  Success (mostly)!

The “mostly” is because the links on the pages still point to the old site until you edit and save the page.  All the wiki links that use the [[ ]] convention will update to their new location, and all is good (so far as I can tell).

I’m sure if something’s off, they’ll tell me…

7 responses to “Moving A Wiki From One Site Collection To Another…

  1. I haven’t tried it, but I think you might be able to use the Manage Content and Structure menu option at the site collection level to move wiki pages while maintaining the links…

  2. I wasn’t sure I could do that across site collections, which is why I didn’t try that out. I’ll have to take a look and see. Thanks!

  3. Great simple suggestion, works very well with the limitations you’ve given. I see in the import I’ve done, that images within wikipages (and, of course, linked images), aren’t transferred. So you need to manually transfer images as well.

  4. Celeste Vei

    I’ve followed the steps in your instructions but cannot work out how to copy over the template to the new site. Could you describe how you did that please? I can see the template if I look to insert a web part in the original location but its not available in the target location. Thanks.

  5. Good realistic post Tom, esp the “updates links on save page”… all a bit – time-consuming of SP but still a lifesaver. Celeste and others (even in SP2013), don’t forget you need to upload the template to the new site/collection and then un-intuitively “Add an App” there, searching to find the Template… and hey presto!

  6. I like your pointer that edit&save updates the links. Was trying to figure this migration out and the last stage (which I think Celeste needs) is the un-intuitive “Add an App” and searching for the template in new site… bingo!

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