A Fix For When InfoPath Forms Error Out When Launching From A URL…

We recently started running into a problem when some individuals would try to launch an InfoPath form (running in the InfoPath client) from a URL. It would work for most other people, but not for them. The error started with “The form template is not currently browser-enabled”…

Uh, yeah… I know that!

We finally found that the problem was with Internet Explorer version 9 (IE9) and the Compatibility View setting. Unless your particular site where the InfoPath form resides is set to use Compatibility View in IE9, IE will attempt to launch the InfoPath form in the browser no matter what you do.

Here’s the fix to correct that problem:


It’s a quick fix, but not an intuitive one based on the error message. Make sure to put this at the top of your “check first” list if your InfoPath forms suddenly think they’re browser-enabled for random people…

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