I’m starting to hang out at sharepoint-community.net

A new collaborative SharePoint site and space recently started up called SharePoint Community. For a new effort, I must stay I’m surprised with the number of features and ways to interact with other SharePoint Community members. It’s a great initial start, and I’m interested to see how it evolves over time.

Having been a long-time member of the IBM Notes/Domino community, I’ve seen these types of efforts many times in the past. Some have grandiose plans but never get off the ground. Others have a good initial start, but the initial momentum isn’t sustained and it withers away. A very few start up well, evolve based on feedback, and sustain their momentum over time. Those are the ones that become a great contribution to the overall community and make a difference.

It’s hard (actually, pretty much impossible) to tell with any certainty which path a new site like SharePoint Community will take. Especially being “new” to the larger SharePoint community, I don’t know what type of dynamics are at play, if there are back stories that give a new site more context, and so forth. Those things make a big difference, and I was much more in tune with those in my past life. 🙂

For me, SharePoint Community is a way I’ve chosen to jumpstart my involvement in my interactions with others. I’ve already seen value over the first week of being there, and I hope that continues to grow over time.

If you haven’t heard of SharePoint Community or you haven’t yet signed up, now’s a good time to head over there and take a couple minutes to get going.

And if you happen to see my name, say hi! I don’t bite… much.

One response to “I’m starting to hang out at sharepoint-community.net

  1. Thanks for the feedback!, if you have any suggestions on how we came make SharePoint-Community.net a better place, please tell us!


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