A Way To Have Surveys Launch Directly To The Questions…

I recently had a customer ask me if there was some way to set up SharePoint surveys to go directly to the questions instead of going to the “home page” of the particular survey. While researching a different question, I happened to run into this link that gave me the solution to that question:


Here’s the summary of the article…

If you want to launch the survey directly, have the URL go to the NewForm.aspx page. To have it go to a different page when finished, use the ?Source= parameter to put the URL of the page it should go to when done.

Here’s an example of how I could launch the customer’s survey directly into the question, and then send it back to the news page:


http://domain.com/news/Lists/HealthChallenge/NewForm.aspx is the part of the URL that goes to the survey and launches a new survey response.

 ?Source=http://domain.com/news/Pages/default.aspx is the part of the URL that sends the browser to a different page once the survey response is submitted.

I figured I needed to put this out here so I’d remember the format the next time I have to tell a customer about this. 🙂


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