So what’s happening when you see an email with “@domain.invalid”?

I had a strange occurrence in one of my SharePoint workflows that took me far longer to resolve than it should have… pesky typos!

I had a SharePoint Designer 2010 workflow that would send out emails based on various settings on a list item. The emails were sent to people in a SharePoint permissions group, so it was easy to add/remove people who needed to get the information. I’ve done that in many workflows, and it works perfectly…

… until it doesn’t.

In this case, I had a series of permission groups that started with NMPT in the name. When the emails went out, the creator of the item would get a copy, but the To address was coming out as “NMTPRestOfGroupName@domain.invalid”. I tried looking up @domain.invalid online, but I could find nothing that came close to my situation.

Maybe your eyes are better than mine or your mind is sharper, but it took me a while to figure out that NMPT is not the same as NMTP. Basically, I had incorrectly typed in all the group names in the workflow, and SharePoint was trying to send to a mailbox with that incorrect name, but it didn’t know what domain to send it to.

Once I fixed the names in the workflow to start with NMTP instead of NMPT, everything worked like a charm. 🙂

I put this out here so that the next time someone searches for @domain.invalid in the context of a SharePoint workflow, they’ll have something that may work to resolve their issue.

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