How do you get a home page when you open a SharePoint wiki library?

In short, you make sure there’s a page out there named… Home.

I had a question today related to clicking on a SharePoint wiki library link. The customer wanted the library to open up to a home page, not a view of all the pages in the wiki library. Sounded easy enough, especially when she also sent me a link to a site where someone was doing just that.

Being a dev/tech person, I’m looking for settings for the library to set her Intro page to be the library home page. However, everything I tried would end up setting the Intro page to the SITE home page, not just the wiki library home page.

After considerable searching, I found a passing reference to a behavior that I didn’t know (and I admit I’m not a huge wiki fan). Apparently, if you open a SharePoint wiki library, it will attempt to open a page actually called Home. If it doesn’t find one, it opens the AllPages view of the wiki library.

I tossed a Home page out there, and voila… the library opened to that page. I then asked her to change her Intro page and rename it to Home. Worked like a dream…

Sometimes, we techies over-complicate simple things. 🙂


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