Tip For Using OneNote To Manage Professional Reading

I have a really bad habit of “collecting” links to really interesting articles tweets, emails, and other stuff I want to read for my professional life. But unfortunately, I find it far too easy to get behind in the list, and pretty soon, it’s just a collection of things I’ve never read.

Time to put OneNote into play…

Taking a tip from Sandra Mahan, I’ve started putting the links into daily reading pages with To Do tags. The goal is to spend time reading at least five articles a day (I have to read a bit more than that to clean up my lists). As I cover my items and check them off, I not only keep myself more current on the latest SharePoint news, but I also have a history of things I’ve read if I ever want to track them down later for reference.

Today I got my Twitter Favorites/To Read list transferred over to OneNote pages. I’m working on email newsletters, and I also have to clean out my Pocket saves that are work-related. There are a number of SlideShare.net¬†entries that need to make it out there also.


What I like about this method (in addition to the tracking and responsibility that’s built-in) is that I can have this list anywhere I go. It’s on my home computer, on my iPhone/iPad, and my work machine. Whenever I have a few moments, I can pick off one or two reading items and I know that will be updated throughout all my devices.

OneNote rocks, and I continue to find great uses for this tool…

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