One potential fix for the SSRS “Thread was being aborted” error…

I’ve been working with SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) recently, and it’s been an eye-opener. I can now give my customers some spreadsheets on lists over 5000 items that are updated every day without intervention. It’s a game changer in terms of solutions I can design.

I did run into a frustrating problem, however. After a few days of my scheduled SSRS jobs running fine, I started getting an error: “Thread was being aborted”20150118Image01

There are many blog posts out there on that topic, but none of them seemed to relate to what we were seeing. After playing around a bit, I found that we were likely getting the error due to a time-out error for our job running too long. When I removed the server time limit for that job, things ran fine.

To do that, select “Manage Processing Options” on the report configuration:20150118Image02

In the “Processing Time-out” section, select “Do not limit report processing time-out”:20150118Image03

I’ve since adjusted the “Limit report processing time-out (in seconds) to” setting to 7200 seconds (two hours) so that there is *some* level of control for run-away jobs. Still, it’s nice to know that I can control this with each individual job now.

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